Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Winners Take It All Posted by Picasa No prizes for the fastest runner. These were the only competing categories. (See above pictures) Youngest Runner - A 4 month old baby. Mommy did all the running. He just have to gurgle and look cute. Oldest Runner - A 73 years old granny. Iron granny, this... Largest Group - Some press company. I can't recall the name. Best Costume for individual - A very I'm not surprise, Halloween is just around the corner. Best Group Costume - Some sexy girls and pretty boys in sarongs from Channel 3. The Terry Fox Certificate of Participation is not dated. It came with a sticker to be pasted on the certificate. So, if I come next year, I just need to collect another sticker to be pasted on my current certificate. I think that it is a great idea. Save paper. Save more trees. Overall, it was a great sunday morning run for me. Even though, I was tired, from the Standard Charetered 11km run the day before, I did enjoyed the run very much. I suspect the free-flow Starbuck coffee before the race had something to do with my extra perkiness.

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