Thursday, November 10, 2005

Don’t Forget About Mimi

Hot & Spicy..Fingers Lickin' Good? Posted by Picasa Mariah is back with a new single - Don't Forget About Us from her reissue of Emancipation of Mimi; repackaged as The Platinum Edition. Being a hardcore fan, I would probably rush to the store and grab a yet another copy of Mimi. It is a great song to listen to when cooling down after a long run. So mellow yet heart-breaking. The repackage CD contains 4 "bonus" tracks - DON'T FORGET ABOUT US, SO LONELY (ONE & ONLY PART 2) FEATURING TWISTA, WE BELONG TOGETHER (FEATURING JADAKISS & STYLES P) (REMIX) and WHAT IT LOOK LIKE. Why call it bonus tracks when we have to pay for it? (Insert constipated feeling here). Don't forget About Us also features a video inspired by Marilyn Monroe's unfinished last movie Something's Got To Give. We see a very-scantily-clad Mariah writhing on the floor and getting hot and spicy with a mystery hunk in a swimming pool. The video got our Malaysian censors' specs so steamed up that they banned it. (Insert a cry of outrage here!)

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