Monday, November 07, 2005

Walking Down the Swissotel - 1,336 steps Posted by Picasa Miss T said she didn’t break a sweat running up the Swissotel and asked me to walk down with her. What? No elevator? This is insane!! But then, all runners are kinda insane…heheh. So off, I went thronging down the Swissotel from the roof to the lobby with Miss T, all 1,336 steps of it. Hmmmm….Surprisingly, it was not as tough as going up but what an experience! Will I do the Swissotel Vertical Marathon again? Perhaps not. One time is enough for me. The registration process was such a sloppy affair. The medal is so small. I should target other Vertical run like Sky Baiyoke and Banyan Tree Vertical Run (both in Bangkok) and maybe someday…Sydney Tower? Empire State? (Insert King Kong roar here…Auarghhhh....!)

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