Monday, November 21, 2005

Going for the Malaysian Most Autographed Banner? Posted by Picasa It was meant to be the 25th Anniversary of Terry Fox The Marathon of Hope and all we get was a non-event. The Canadian Hicom should have put some muscles to get sponsors and volunteers for the event. Anyway, a charity is still a charity. My support for Terry Fox should not be influenced by how many puff pastries they served after the run. I still completed the run with gusto even though my legs were still shaking after I ran the Double Hills route earlier. Unlike last year, I didn't hang around at the venue after the run as there was basically nothing to do after signing on a big banner. I went straight home and got lost in the LOST Season 1 DVD boxset I bought last week. Great show this is. All we can do is to hope for a better one next year. But, if things don't get better, we can always go to our neighbouring countries like Singapore or Thailand for the TERRY FOX RUN. Their t-shirts are nicer too.

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