Monday, November 07, 2005


What's In The Goodie Bag? Posted by Picasa I felt relieved instantly after I passed the Singapore custom "safely" on Friday afternoon. I had to “smuggle” a few packs of ciggies and pirated DVDs for my friend, Jennie as a return favour. I made her dashed to the other end of Orchard road during her lunch hour on the last day for the early bird Vertical Marathon registration that day. I was told that each person could only bring in one pack of cancer sticks to Singapore. Pirated goods are a big no no. After checking to our hotel in Orchard Road, we went straight to the Swissotel to collect the running kit. What are the goodies? 1) A cool black with red trimming – VM shoe bag 2) A VM T-Shirt 3) A copy of November Men’s Health magazine 4) A bottle of Cusson Baby Powder 5) 3 sachets of Shower Gel (Lime, Lavender and Lime) 6) A bar of gentle soap 7) A S$10 spa voucher 8) A S$10 Running Lab voucher 9) A Fitness First 1 day Complementary Pass (worth S$40) 10) A white face towel I think the organizer should look into the registration process. First of all, they did not issue a receipt upon accepting the registration fees. I was a bit worried, as we do not have a proof that we have pass them the money. What if the person who accepted the cash ran off with our money? We were told that to wait for an email confirmation, which did not arrive at all. I had to ask my colleague to call the organizer to make sure that our name was on the participant list. So troublesome! My friend, Miss T came all the way from Genting Highland only to find out that her name was not in the list. The organizer claimed that they had to refuse her entry because the entries had exceeded the number of participants allowed. Well, if this is the case, why didn’t they inform the participants early in advance before traveling plan was made. They didn’t even return the bank check. Anyway, we do not believe the organizer’s BS as Miss T had sent her entry using a well known courier service months before the closing date. After kicking up some fuss, they finally allowed Miss T to join the race and collect her goodie bag. It was not her fault if the organizer was SLOPPY and did not send confirmatory emails. We went separate ways after the collection of running kit. I was more interested in going to the CDs shops while Amy and the gang wanted to go to Chinatown to shop herb and spices. On Saturday, I went to watch two movies and did more CDs and DVDs shopping. Amy and the gang went to Sentosa. First movie that I caught was Dreamship Surprise, a German movie. I had never watch a German fare before and it was hilarious!! A must watch spoof of Star Wars, Star Trek, Men in Black, Back to The Future III and others sci-fi action movies. Synopsis: Story: In the year 2304 humans settled Mars. 300 years later return the descendants of the first settlers, in order to conquer the earth. Under guidance of the dark Mars 'Regulator' Rogul (re: Dark Lord of Sith) and his son Jens Maul (re: Darth Vader with asthma problem) the invasion on earth, mankind is under tremendous threat. Head of state queen Metaphor (re: Queen Amidala) and their Ministers know only a way out – to engage the “happy”crew in a time machine back to correct the history. Captain Juergen Thorsten Kork (re: Captain Kirk), Mr. Spuck (Re: Mr. Spock) and first engineer Schrotty are busy preparing for “Miss Waikiki Pageant”. Can they save the world and come back in time for the pageant in one piece? The Exorcism of Emily Rose is more a courtroom drama than a supernatural horror show that I thought it would be. The acting was great but if you want shock-out-of ­your-socks kind of horror, out bring out you’re the original, The Exorcist DVD instead. Raided HMV and Gramophone. Bought among others The Prodigy Greatest Hits CD (wicked songs with slamming drumbeats for running and dancing), LaToya London’s debut album, Love & Life (American Idol 3 Finalist), Initial D VCD (Special package – in a deluxe tin can plus magnets), Shawshank Redemption 2-Disc DVD, Electra VCD, Mariah Carey – Shake it Off/ Get Your Number CD single and many many more. I love CD shopping in Singapore.

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