Friday, April 16, 2010

adiNation of Runners' Mid Valley Run

What? adiNation of Runners' MV Run

Where? Mid Valley Megamall

When? 14 April 2010 (7pm)

Why? In conjunction of Adidas SS10 Collection @ Mid Valley Fashion Week

How Long? 5.7km (According to WKM's GPS)

This event was held to showcase adiNation of Runners and the runners had to run around the Mid Valley and finished into the Centre Court with much flare from the public and media.

Stretching exercise session led by loudspeaker, Kelvin Ng.

Warm up run.

After a short briefing, we were divided into 3 groups (A, B & C) depending on which side we would go up the stage later.

Each runner was given a cool adiNation of Runner T-shirt. Yellow for men and blue for ladies.

We had to gear up with Adidas, nothing but Adidas - from head to toe.

We were flagged off around 7:10pm.....escorted by the traffic policemen on motorbikes.

Mid Valley Megamall is located in one of the busiest area in town.

Thanks to Adidas and Mid Valley, we get the previlege to run around the megamall...We couldn't have done it on our own!

Enjoying the big concrete scenery and evening air, fresh from the car exhausts. :)

Thank God we had police escorts otherwise we would be steamrolled by the cars into a new coat of tar! LOL!

These were the smiley face during the early stage of the run.

Everyone was trying to keep up with the policeman on the motorbike.

We supposed to do two rounds, but due to some unfathomable reasons, we ended up doing like 5 rounds!!!! Yikes!

I'm sure we were pretty much contributing to the already slow traffic movement around mid Valley!

But hey, not everyday you get to see a bunch of ahem...goodlooking runners in bright stylo Adidas gears running around in the city!

The pack arrived back at Mid Valley about 5 min to 8:00pm. Everyone was searching for water! We didn't expect a two rounds run to become five. Heheh!

We were lined up according to our ABC groups before we make a final dash into the megamall.

Please check out the video at the end of this post. I couldn't decribe in words how we did it. But we did it!

We ran up to the stage with cheers and applause from the crowd. It was surreal. LOL!

Jue taking the centre stage with emcee. Yasmin Yusuff.

Group pic. Thanks for Victor for the photo.

Check out the MUST WATCH video of the run HERE

There is more. Celebrities photos and more fashionable gears from Adidas @ Mid Valley fashion Week coming soon. Please watch this space!

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thank you for being THE paparazzi of the night. with u after our back, we really feel like a STAR . . . . LOL

kamsiah & kamtung



yeah, great job!

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