Friday, April 02, 2010

Exclusive: Interview with AirAsia X’s CEO Azran Osman-Rani

Do you know that AirAsia X's CEO is an avid runner? He has several marathons under his belt. I had the pleasure of meeting da man himself at the Energizer Night Race in Cyberjaya last Saturday.

Azran (second from right) with fellow runners, Amelia, Yew Ting and also Mr. Energizer at the start point.

1) How did you do in the Energizer Night Marathon?

5hrs 30min. 6 mins slower than Putrajaya Night and 12 mins slower than PB.

2) What do you like about the Energizer Night Marathon?

Good to see more organised full marathons in Malaysia which helps to encourage more participation. The organisers attended to the basics well – e.g., enough water/isotonic drinks, fruits/powergels at 29km pitstop, and looks like enough medical care facilities.

3) What needs to be improved in the Energizer Marathon?

Two issues for me. First, that 6pm start-time in the blazing sun was a killer – really dehydrating and I think more people cramped up compared to Putrajaya Night.

The other was lack of proper visible kilometre marks, which makes it harder to gauge running pace. The volunteers also did not have good information on the distance and generally were not as encouraging/supportive compared to those at overseas events.

4) How often & how far do you run?

I try to run 3 times a week although 25% of the time, I only manage 2 runs a week. I try to get one long run on Sunday – from 15km to 20km, and 10km during weekdays.

5) Why do you run?

Someone told me its a new trend in dealing with mid-life crisis! We need new challenges in life and need to prove ourselves more.

For me, I’m trying to sustain a personal health recovery. 5 years ago I was overweight, burnt out and I decided I needed to change and take better care of myself. Having a running calendar ensures that I have something to look forward to.

6) What are your pre-race/ post race rituals?

Pre-race: Vaseline and glide all over – I’m paranoid about chafing. Also lots of breathing exercises.

Post-race: Dealing with cravings for a big juicy hamburger.

7) What do you want to achieve in running?

I want to complete 50 full marathons by the time I turn 50!

8) Where is your favourite place to run?

Gold Coast! Perfect weather conditions – nice and cool with ocean breeze, and long flat runs.

9) When is AirAsia going to have its own marathon?

Has word already leaked out? Yes, we want to organise a big marathon and attract participants from all the destinations that we fly to. Hopefully we can get it going this year...

(runwitme: Dear readers, you read it here first! Put on those trainers already! LOL!)

10) Where is your next marathon?

Will be at Borneo Marathon, but this time, only 21km as I’ll use that as a warm up for GreatOceanRoad Marathon on 16 May.

Anyone want to join me?

Video of Energizer Night Race Flag off @ 6pm, followed by the 21km category at 8pm. Can you spot Azran? :)


dannie chOOng said...

good report !!! looking forward to the "AirAsia Marathon". organise by a avid runner should be good...

Anonymous said...

good job rwm.

don know any press cover the ENR ?