Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chap Ayam Runners Family Run 2010

What? Chap Ayam Runners 10K Family Run

When? 18 April 2010, 7:30am

Where? Lake Garden, KL

Who? Chap Ayam Runners

How far? 10K

I hope you won't cry ahem...fowl for two postings about chicken runs back to back! LOL!

And do not confuse Chap Ayam Run with Roaster Chicken Run because they are two different runs.

Chap Ayam (Chicken brand) Run were held this morning at Lake Garden, KL. It was this group debut running event, which was only open to members and invited friends.

I decided to check this run out since there was no other races this morning!

It was a cool and rainy morning. The temptation of sliding back to bed was immense. But somehow, I dragged myself and took the earliest Rapid Bus to town for this.

I met Choi who was busy promoting Newton Shoes for trial to the participants. Those orange laced shoes...

Wong Kei Meng

Haris from Kedah. Nice meeting you again, bro!

So happy getting his hair band!

Ronnie See's suffering-like-kok-face.

Penembak Ayam at work. :)

From my observations, I think the run was pretty organised. Volunteers worked hard to ensure a smooth and enjoyable run for the runners.

I hope the flag off could be better in the future though! Heheh! The air horn and the count down didn't sync! Airhorn was blasted at 7! LOL!

Congrats to Chap Ayam Runners for adding this egg-citing event to the Malaysia running calendar! Looking forwards for more running programs from this bunch of cocks and chicks! ;)

Check out the inaugural Chap Ayam Runners 10K Family Run video + slide show.


Hope you like the sound effects and soundtracks. It was not easy to get them mixed - Techno Chicken, Anak Ayam (2Phat) and Ayam Den Lapeh (Traditional song).

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Melvin Lim


Like the music a lot, esp the beginning part :-) A very great effort PT!

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