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Lionel Richie Duets with 3,600 Concert Goers Live in Kuala Lumpur

What? Lionel Richie - Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

When? 2 April 2010

Where? Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre.

Who? Lionel Richie - an Oscar, multi-Grammy and Golden Globe winner, a musical legend whose recorded legacy includes timeless classic hits and multi-platinum best-selling albums.

The concert was held in conjunction with the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Gala 2010. So, tonnes of guests comprising of dignitaries, socialites and celebrities flooded the Plenary Hall to watch Lionel Richie sing.

I met Dayang Nurfaizah and her manager at the hallway. We chatted briefly while waiting for the doors to open.

The doors finally opened at 8:30pm but the VIPs only started to trickle in at 9:30pm after their gala dinner! The show supposed to start at 8:30pm according to the ticket! I guess punctuality was not in the menu on that night!

The emcees tried to coax the crowd to do a Mexican Wave while waiting for the VIPs to get their @$$es to their seats settle in but it was NOT fun at all!!! Heheh! We were tired of waiting!

BTW, The best Mexican Wave I have ever experienced in the concert so far was at Celine Dion's Concert a few years back.

The crowd was getting restless and annoyed by the long wait. Some clapped and some even shouted "Start the show!!!" repeatedly.

Anyway, all the negative vibes flew out of the hall, when Lionel took the stage at 9:50pm! My gawd! That has to be a record! Usually concerts like this start around 9:00pm the most.

Lionel sang his heart out, giving us ballads like Penny Lover, Stuck On You, Truly, Three Times a Lady, Hello etc. He sounded so good LIVE, I must say! Hitting the notes perfectly. It was a joy watching his performance.

He also picked up the pace with fast numbers like Dancing on the Ceiling, Running with the Night and All Night Long!

At times, I felt the concert was a little rushed.

Bam! Bam! Bam! He hit us with hit after hit! With no breather in between!!!

Perhaps he was trying to catch up with the wasted time of waiting for the VIPs to arrive. (Insert sigh here!)

Lionel is witty, funny and the interaction with the audience is amazing! He even make a little joke about the Agong whom Lionel described brought a new level of coolness! Hahah! It was all in good sport!

What is a Lionel Richie concert without "Endless Love"?.

No Diana Ross? No problem. We sang the diva's part in the duet! The whole Plenary Hall roared!

Hear the duet below.


I must say I enjoyed the concert very much. It's comforting and an old pillow or blanket on a rainy day. Heheh! I had to run like a madman (no thanks to the late start) to catch the last LRT train home but that was worth it!

Thanks to Litefm & BW for the tix. Click HERE and HERE if you wanna hear more tracks from the concert.

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