Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Night of Strobelite Seduction: Kaskade Live in Malaysia

What? KASKADE @ EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound

Who? Kaskade – One of the most influential people in the San Francisco house scene, as well as one of the hardest-working: By night he's Kaskade the house music producer/DJ; by day he's Ryan Raddon, A&R director for OM Records.

Where? EUPHORIA by Ministry of Sound

When? 10th April 2010 (9.30pm - 3.00am)

How? I won two free passes to Kaskade show from HERE. See my winning entry HERE.

He came in only at 12:48am! So, technically it was on 11 April 2010! Heheh! The Chicago-born DJ moved right on with business by starting the show with his #1 smash Move For Me - A Kaskade and DeadMau5 collaboration.

...and move for Kaskade the crowd did! :)

He didn't speak much to his audience. Just playing those slamming rhythms. He was seen singing along (silently) and clapping his hands occasionally.

I love his music - Cool sparkling beats with thumping bass wrapped around ethereal female vocals. Very very sexy!

It was getting hotter! Off came the jacket! :)

Crowd pleaser!

He played my favourite song - Step One Two! Woo hooo!

I love Euphoria by Ministry of Sound! Spacious dance floor. Most importantly, it is a non-smoking club! I don't come out of it smelling like an ashtray! (Insert applause here!)

Even though it's a non-smoking club, it doesn't mean that the actions here are not smoking hot!

Smoking hawt!

Shaking it for daddy!

Shiny disco ball!

"Hmmm...what CD to play next?"

Kaskade made a boo boo at the console (don't think we didn't notice! LOL!) and he just laughed it off!

I was hoping he would play his club remixes of Lady Gaga & LeAnn Rimes but I guess he prefered his original stuff.

The show ended at around 2:55am. So, we got 2 hours solid of pure ehem...cascading flow of smooth sultry dance music from Kaskade! And the crowd was still begging for more.

He did one last extra song before called it a night.

Kaskade stayed on for awhile for his fans after his show at his DJ console.

People were throwing CDs, vinyls, napkins and iPhones (I kid you not!) for his autograph!

As for me, I have gotten an Angel On My Shoulder and Kaskade autograph on my hand. LOL!

Check out the video snippets I took, complete with "opening and closing speeches" by Kaskade! LOL! He loves Malaysia!

The crowd obviously was having a fantastic time.


Note: Yes...That's my hand Kaskade was reaching out for from his console (7:28)!

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