Monday, April 05, 2010

My Favourite Sport

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What is my favourite sport?

Take a guess? A wild guess? Heheh! Anyone with even half a brain would know that my favourite sport is RUNNING.

Yup! Otherwise this blog would be called lawn bowling with passion, C4 bombing with passion, kite-flying with passion or something else with passion.

This year marks my 10th year in running. I got my very first finisher medal in the Penang Bridge Marathon 2000 and I am still at it, collecting a piece of metal at the end of the races that offer it. Heheh! I have done 1 mile dash, 3K,5K, 7K, 10K, 12K, 15K, 21K and 42Km (full marathon). I have yet to sign up for an ultra marathon even though I have completed several ultra walking events (12Hr & 24Hr walk). Well, one fine day I supposed. :)

My primary school friends who found me in Facebook shook their heads in disbelieve when they saw I actually run marathons.

Since 2000, I have been making "appearances" at local road races. Mostly as a runner. Sometimes as a supporter. Sometimes as a volunteer. And as of lately - as photographer.

I am not into it for the prize money because I am as slow as a tortoise. I simple was born that way...No Kenyan genes in me. Heheh! Well, I am glad that I am running at tortoise pace. Less prone to injury and I get to enjoy the sceneries more. I kind of bought in the philosophy behind “Slow is beautiful” by eco-marathoner, Hajime Nishii.

I just run at my own pace. As long as I finish within the qualifying time, I am happy. I don’t even wear a watch for my races, relying on the time displayed on my camera when I snap a photo.

Running is the simplest form of aerobic exercise. Take away all those technical apparels, expensive high tech soles, fuel belt, titanium chains, gps, heartbeat monitor, artificially flavoured energy gels, compression underwear etc; all you need is a pair of running shoes (and sport bra if you are a girl..) to go the distance. That’s why I choose running - simply because it is simple.

Running has also opened up a huge circle of friends to me. Runners are generally good friendly people. Must have been the happy hormones generated from the run. But there are a few bitchy ones, but let’s not go there. LOL!

Most of my friends inside my Facebook are from my running circles. Sometimes, I would just accept friend request from someone who is wearing running vest in the profile picture without hesitation! LOL! Some I am not even sure whether we have met! I’m so sorry if I didn’t greet you at races even though you are in my FB friends. It is just that I don’t have a photographic memory up there. (Insert sincere apology here)

I love to see familiar faces in the road races especially those out of town or overseas races.

I started blogging in 2004 when blogs just started to florish over the net. At that time, there were not many local blogsites for running. There were Jamie’s Loft (which was evolved to carboman.blogspot and now back to, Pipot (incredibly in your face funny posts by the owner but now he shut down his site for no given reasons) and Penguin (The blogger passed away a few years ago – one of the pioneer running groups in Malaysia, now defunct who called themselves –The Penguins).

Then, came one Ronnie See and his the most happening blog in the whole of Jinjang Malaysia’s running scene – der Pacemaker Network.

Back to my own blog. I started it as a documentation of my running event. How is the route like? What is in the goodie bag? How is the water station like? Sort of a memoir complete with pictures - the must have goodie bag shot, the race start, me swaggering towards the finish line. :)

I know one day, like it or not, my memory will fail me no matter how much ginkgo biloba I consume.. So, I hope this blog can serve as “time machine” to bring back the good ol’ times in my golden years.

I also use my blog to compare the current race with the previous years’ to track the improvement. Some really improved but certain races I would avoid like them a plague. But of course everything is based on my words and pictures and video. ;)

If you notice, even though my blog is loaded with photos, I seldom put my own, almost never. I don’t want to scare babies. ;) Definitely no camwhoring in this blog. It is just not me. I prefer to post pics of the races and my friends’ than my own. I am really a shy person. :)

To organiser of runs/ event, if you want to drum up your event, feel free to send me your press releases, entry forms, flyers, and invitation to your launchings etc. I would be delighted to get the first hand info for the readers of this blog. Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!

This year I plan to run a full marathon at where it all began – Penang Bridge Marathon! I collected my first finisher medal of a ½ marathon category in year 2000 in Penang. I am looking forward to “celebrating” my 1oth year anniversary in running by completing a 42.195km in Penang.

If you see a guy running with a camera (and sometimes a tripod!), do come by and say hi! :) I usually don’t make the first move....being a shy guy that I am. Heheh!

Hope you enjoy reading this blog. As long as my feet are willing, I will bring more exciting pics and videos from the road races in and around Malaysia. Do follow me on Twitter for the latest updates.



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2 Comment Wit Me:

dannie chOOng


good report !!! enjoy reading it :)) many of what you've written is so true to me too...
to you PBIM was where you collect your 1st Medal, while to me it was @ PBIM that i first held Carrie's hand ! :))
not sure if we'll meet each other there as me & Carrie will only be doing 21km but if we do, SURE we'll say "HI" to you !!! all the best in your PBIM 42km. remember “Slow is beautiful” but still need to cross the line by 7hours lor, otherwise no medal...



I love your blog ! you give an alternative refreshing view to a run .. the part most runners miss as they are too involved in their runs!
keep it up!

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