Friday, April 09, 2010

A Cut Above Fashion Gala Night @ MidValley

Actually I feel lazy to post this up, but another coming event that will be held at the same venue, prompted me to post about A Cut Above Fashion Gala Night.

What coming event? The hint is at the end of this post. Anyway, let's get back to a Cut Above.

Many celebrities were seen at the do, including the tall Miss Malaysia/ World, Thanuja. I do not know the erm..fuller girl who was bending next to her. Nice view, eh?

This is Winnie Loo, the co-founder and senior cretive director of A Cut Above.

The emcee of the night - Andrea Fonseka.

Hair fashion show is just amusing to watch. The weirder it gets, the louder the applause.

No prize for guessing what was I doing at MidValley that day. Heheh! The hair fashion show was just a side event for me.

Dayang Nurfaizah was the main performer for the Gala Night. Go, Dayang go!

Please click SAYA SAYANG DAYANG blog for more pictures and video clips of Dayang Nurfaizah at the gala night.

I've got two videos for you too.

Lady Gaga, the fashion icon has inspired these hairdos...Check them out.


A Micheal Jackson-inspired hair show....Nope, no hair on fire here. LOL!

Next week, a bunch of runners of a certain sport brand with three stripes logo will be running around Midvalley up to the same stage!

Cool eh?

Please come back for details! (Insert wink here!)

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i like this post.. at least i know what happened. just that a bit rush at sg wang and cant make it for the night. awhhh hopes winnie and xavier (if they ever read this blog) do accept the apology. cheers max

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