Friday, April 23, 2010

Fancy Having 8888 as Your Running Bib Number?

I heard it from a little bird that a major coming soon marathon will allow bidding of certain popular numbers for the runners' bibs. :)

Before this, bib numbers are usually assigned by the organiser by sequence. You can't choose your number and you just have to leave it to the hand of God the person who did the registration what your bib number would be.

We do not know the mechanics of the bidding yet but we guess it would be almost similar to bidding for your car plate numbers. This would certainly add some fun and glamour into running the marathon. Heheh!

The favorite numbers among the Chinese runners will include numbers like 6, 8 and 9 because of their auspicious meanings.

Guess whose favourite number is this?

For speed demon (Insert evil laughter here)

A classic...

Die Die Die Die!

Number 4 (四) is considered an unlucky number in Chinese because it is nearly homophonous to the word "death" (死). So, we guess it would be out from the bidding list.

"唔生唔死" (m4 saang1 m4 sei2 in Cantonese) sounds like "not alive, not dead".

This often refers to something that is half dead or on the verge of death. Don't think any Chinese would be caught dead running his/ her marathon in that number. Heheh!

168 is considered very lucky! "一六八" rhymes with the phrase "一路發" in Cantonese, which means "fortune all the way."

But with a difference of just one number with 168, 167 is considered offensive.

Erm...ask your Chinese friends if you want to know what 167 means. Not going to say it here because little children might be reading this blog.

What would be my favourite number?....Let me think.

The thoughts of doing a marathon session in this number suddenly making me feel rather erm... hot. I will go take a cold shower. Heheh! ;)

But, seriously, would you bid or select your nice running bib number?

What is your special number?

Comments are welcome.

7 Comment Wit Me:



Is 5454 good then? Not dead, not dead? And my car is 69xx, is that, err, something to blush about?

dannie chOOng


i once got the number "444" !!! it was during last year Siemens run. and i was actually approach by a malay guy asking if i can exchange my number with him !!! to the Chinese it might not sound nice, but somehow our Malay friends like that number. to me, i'm Malaysian, so it doens't matter :)) hehehe...

here's the picture of it :



is this another Alpha Project contest? heheheeeeeeee

i will not support any form of bidding as this is SPORTS unless all monies collected go to Charity.



I got bib number 334 last year SCKLM 21km run and it was also my 1st half marathon so sang sang sei si boh ? LOL



i prefer 5555, 5 being 'five' sounds like 'fai' in cantonese which means speedy speedy speedy speedy :D



Haza, 5454 = no die no die = you survive la.

Jue, this is not for Project Alpha. Heheh! I think it should be for charity. Let's wait for confirmation.

Yimster, Good one! 5555!

Dannie & Carrie, 444+334= 778. :)
The number 7 (七) symbolizes "togetherness". It is a lucky number for relationships. Wah got 8 somemore! Heheh!

Boon Haw


RWM, I really like the number 69 and still praying that I can have that. It actually has 2 being that ahem ahem...another one is in cantonese where it is a word used for swearing...:p

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