Monday, April 05, 2010

Support Ralph Dixon @ Marathon Des Sables 2010

245KM, 45 degrees Celsius, 6 days across the Moroccan Dessert that is Marathon Des Sables.

Ralph Dixon, the only Malaysian participant for the Marathon Des Sables 2010 hopes to create awareness, raise funds for the Malaysian AIDS Foundation and make children and adults infected and affected by HIV and AIDS feel they are an integral part of society.

He plans to raise RM300,000 for MAF, to be channelled toward HIV intervention and treatment programmes in the Baram Delta in Sarawak.

Please show your support!

Click HERE for info on how to make donation.

Click HERE for Ralph's blog and send him your wishes and encouragements.

Listen to Ralph & Cikgu Adnan in BFM podcast about Marathon Des Sables HERE.

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