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Sheila Majid 25 Years & Dengarkanlah Launch @ Pavilion, KL

What? Sheila Majid 25 Years & Dengarkanlah Launch

When? 31 March 2010, 5pm

Where? Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Who? Sheila Majid - Malaysia’s foremost singing sensation, has continued to hold her rank presence in regional music scene for the last 25 years with her trademark contemporary pop music tastefully with a Jazz and R&B flavour.

Wow! Sheila is celebrating her 25th years in the music industry. This means I have also been a Sheila Majid's fan for 25 years!!! Oh!

I have been listening to her songs since school days that seems like light years away. Can't deny the fact that I'm old! LOL!

She commemorates her 25 years in music with a dazzling showcase for her loyal fans at Centre Court, Pavilion.

In the same event, her new single, Dengarkanlah was also launched, along with a limited edition CD boxset, comprising all her eight hit albums, including three long out of print CDs - Dimensi Baru, Emosi and Warna.

On that day, I took the monorail to Lot 10. As I was exiting the station, rain started to pour like crazy. To my dismay, I have forgotten to bring my umbrella. So, I had to wait for the rain to stop for about an hour before walking to Pavilion.

The rain didn't dampened my spirit. It was a rare occasion to see Sheila performing without paying a single cent. Usually her shows could set you back a couple of hundeds in fancy hotels. LOL! Thank you Sheila!!!!!

Sheila made her grand entrance down the red carpet stairs from the entrance of Pavilion to the stage on Centre Court!

Gasp! I think I forgot to breathe for that moment! Seeing my idol in the flesh like few meters away from me, looking fabulous while singing an old favourite Warna! (Note to self: I gotta stop using the word old! LOL!)

Sheila wowwed the audience with her classics like Antara Anyer Dan Jakarta, Aku Cinta Padamu, Lagenda, Tiru Macam Saya and Bunyi Gitar. She even got us up dancing with Sinaran!!

Misha Omar was seen snapping away at Sheila. Heheh!

Yasmin Yusuf was seen singing along with Sheila. Everybody loves Sheila Majid! :)

I love the way Sheila got the crowd to be her backup singers in Bila Larut Malam (Insert tarakuca tara kuca here!)

You can see that the audience adore her! (See the video clip at the end of this post)

Sheila said, "You are SO ready for a concert!"

Oh! Yes we are!

According to Sheila, she has picked her concert day - 27 November 2010, the same date as her first concert ever - Lagenda at Stadium Negara.

I can't wait! (Insert excited squeal here!)

Receiving the commemorative CDs from Warner Music reps.

The boxset contains - Dimensi Baru (1985), Emosi (1986), Warna (1988), Lagenda (1990), Ratu (1996), Ku Mohon (1999), Cinta Kita (2004) and two tracks single Dengarkanlah (2008). It is retailed at RM99.

Fans snapped it up like hot curry puffs! Check out the queue to get Sheila Majid's autograph!

JJ of Hitz FM also a fanboy! He was the first few in the queue! :)

I enjoyed the showcase very much! I knew most of the songs by heart! I felt young again as if I was transported back in time when I first heard those song on the radio and the now extinct, cassette player! Those were the days!

Thank you Sheila! Thank you so much for the showcase!

And now for the video. Check out Sheila's grand entrance into Pavilion on the red carpet befitting a queen!


Check out more action packed Sheila Majid performance @ Pavilion Pit Stop below:

New Single - Dengarkanlah

Old favourite - Bila Larut Malam

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i missed out this performance too.. as i was invited :( too many things happened around with little time. thanks for the post!



25 years and still going strong if not stronger! i still have all her albums but in cassette format. and the Bunyi Gitar single.

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