Monday, September 03, 2012

10 Tips To Become an Eco-friendly Runner

Nobody wants to run in a dirty and polluted place. Let’s do our parts in making this world a greener place to run.

1) Do not litter. Throw empty cups, used water bottles or empty energy gel packs into rubbish bin.

2) Donate your old running shoes to charity. Even though the pair might have worn out for road races, they could be still suitable for walking or day-to-day wear.

3) Car pool to your next race. You will reduce your carbon footprint and share your race stories with your friends.

4) Run an errand, literally. Reduce CO2 emission which contributes to global warming by running or biking your errands. You will save money on petrol and burns some excess fats in the process. If you have to drive, park in a central location and walk to the bank, shopping mall and post office.

5) BYOB: Bring your own bag to collect your race kit especially when you are collecting for a group of friends. Reduce the use of plastic bags.

6) Reduce the consumption of bottled drinks during your run. Stay hydrated with a fluid belt or run with re-usable bottles/ bladders. Plastic bottles don’t decompose and they will be around for a long time.

7) Register your race online. This will reduce paper usage and skip a trip to the registration office.

8) Hand wash your sweat-soaked running clothes with cold water and hang dry. Your apparels will last longer and you’ll save energy.

9) Support green running races/ walking events that promote eco-friendly lifestyle eg. Larian Kitar Semula, Orang Asli Trail Run etc.

10) Consider “green” running shoes with MoGo midsoles. Brooks shoes have midsoles made of MoGo material that degrades faster in the landfill. It takes only 20 years to biodegrade versus the conventional petroleum based material which requires 1,000 years to degrade.

Click HERE to find got more about how you can trade in your old running shoes with a RM150 rebate for a pair of Brooks running shoes with MoGo technology.

We would love to hear from you on how you keep your running lifestyle green. Do share how we could make this Earth a greener place by leaving your comments and tips at

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