Friday, September 21, 2012

Photos: Taiping International Marathon 2012

Taiping International Marathon will go down as one of the worst marathon ever staged in Malaysia. It seemed to be plagued with problems like messy racekit collection, delayed start time, not enough water, bad route direction (we found a lost runner - see the video HERE), no distance marker, pilferage of goodies bags and the list goes on.

But we are not here to talk about how the organisers screwed up because you'd probably read it in blogs or FB pages already. We just wanna share the photos that we snapped at the Taiping International Marathon.

Shooting the runners is quite fun. Many familiar faces from KL and also the Northern Peninsular Malaysia like fellow blogger/ runner Haris who is seen wearing a cute hat that he bought for his son below. :D

We bumped into Malaysia's R&B diva, Ning Baizura's hubby who did the 21km race. Meet Chris Dalton aka Omar Sharif.

Chris is an expecting father as Ning is 3 months pregnant.

According to Chris, he will be running the 42km race at the NYC Marathon in December. He will be taking a very pregnant Ning then to NYC to cheer for him. :D

Congratulations to Ning & Chris!

Taiping International Marathon route is very interesting and scenic as runners will run through the Taiping Lake Garden, known for its lush tropical trees and beautiful landscaped garden.

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"Taiping International Marathon will go down as one of the worst marathon ever staged in Malaysia."

A powerful line. Lol.

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