Friday, September 07, 2012

Photos: Adidas King Of The Road Race Kit Collection

10,000 runners will be blazing the NPE Highway for the adidas King Of The Road 2012 race this Sunday 9th September. Are you one of them? If yes, have you collected your racekit?

The collection is taking place the 6th, 7th and 8th of September between 10am and 8pm at the Main Concourse in Sunway Pyramid.

We visited the race kit collection yesterday and everything seemed very orderly and efficient!

The multicoloured running vests are released in batches. Runners who wish to get their favourite colours would have to follow adidas Facebook or Twitter closely for the release update.

I guess that explains why the queue is not as long as last year's. Everyone is waiting for his or her favourite coloured vest to be released, LOL!

Apart from the racekit collection, there is also a mini race expo featuring all things adidas. Get your adidas running gear here as they are offering some special promotions.

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

Need a new watch to keep track of your personal best performance?

Maybe one of these babies is what you need.

If you like to listen to music when you go for a run like me, make sure that you try out the adidas Seinheiser earphones.

I got myself a pair not too long ago. Check out the review of the Sennheiser Adidas MX 680 Sports Earphones HERE.

The future is so bright that you've got to wear shades?

Personal hygiene is very important for everyone. Make sure you don't smell like rotten cabbage or dead fish after your run. Arm yourself with adidas deodorant and other grooming essentials.

These are not adidas but we are pretty sure you need them for your long runs... :) Grab them at special promo prices here.

So, what do you get in the KOTR mesh sling bag?

A vest, a bottle of deodorant (no excuse for not smelling good on race day), a piece of Powerbar (for 16.8km runners only), race day guide and a Deep Heat sample.

Are you ready to be the King of The Road? :)

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hey ya!
Need some help here
can you give some suggestion on the road that i should used from my place (kota damansara) to sunway pyramid?
ugh.. i failed at navigating in kl :p



eh? Got deodorant ka?

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