Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: Brooks PureGrit - PureProject Out Of The Box

What is PureProject by Brooks?

Well, PureProject is basically a minimalist running shoe collection that is lean, green and mean running machine to add more "feel" to your run!

I took home a pair of Brooks PureGrit, one of the four shoes in the PureProject collection courtesy of Brooks Malaysia for this review.

"They are a megaphone for the roar of your run. A connect-with-the-ground and hug-every-turn joyride for the senses. These shoes are ultralight, anatomically-fit tribute to the freedom you feel on a run. Simply put, they are the woo in your hoo. These are more than just running shoes. They are the PureProject by Brooks. Now put them on and RUN HAPPY!"

Let's find out what is PureProject by unboxing the PureGrit model.

PureGrit is basically a shoe meant for trail running. Working with Scott Jurek – a world renowned ultramarathon champion, U.S. record holder, author (NY Times best selling memoir "Eat & Run") and amateur vegan chef, Brooks has developed a unique one-piece quick and nimble outsole that is PureGrit.

The PureGrit has FIVE characterics which define PureProject.

1. Ideal Heel

The unique slimmed-down heel encourages contact points to shift forward, aligning your center of gravity for optimal spring with every step.

2. Toe Flex

The split toe frees the big toe to function independently, engaging your natural balance for a more powerful push-off.

3. Anatomical Shape

Designed from the most detailed anatomical form gives each shoe the best possible fit and feel.

4. Nav Band

This elastic band wraps over the instep to provide true assurance and a glove-like fit.

5. Midsole

In just a slim 4 mm offset, the PureProject midsole is made of Brooks earth-loving BioMoGo technology blended with the responsive ride of Brooks® DNA, not to mention gender-friendly cushioning for custom comfort.

The unique lug pattern creates optimal traction to keep you blazing on tricky terrains.

At the first out-of-the-box look, PureGrit is incredibly lightweight and flexible. It is wide with one-piece outsole which provides balance. The breathable mesh and conforming foam upper embraces the foot for the perfect fit.

We will bring these lean, green and mean babies out in the woods for a run soon. Please come back for part two of the review of Brooks PureGrit.

Apart from PureGrit (Trail), there are three more shoes under the PureProject by Brooks - PureConnect (lightest), PureFlow (dynamic cushion) and PureCadence (extra support) to suit your need. Do check ‘em out at your nearest sport stores.

Lastly, we will leave you with an informative video which nicely summarizes "What is PureProject by Brooks".


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