Thursday, September 13, 2012

Photos and Video: "Untuk Tiga Hari" Gala Première Night

Our favourite on-screen and off-screen couple is back! Vanidah Imran & Rashidee Ishak. (Both are runners, see photos HERE and HERE and HERE)

This happily married couple are brought together on the big screen in the movie "Untuk Tiga Hari" which is an adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name, by Ahadiat Akashah.

Vanidah Imran as Ujie

Rashidi Ishak as Zafrin

Dira Abu Zahar as Balqis

Zizan Nin as young Zafrin

Ainul Aishah as young Ujie

Ayu Raudhah as Juwita

Afdlin Shaufi as Armi. He's also the director of the movie.

The unconventional love story happens when two lovers, Zafrin and Ujie make a pact to get married in their arranged marriages to please their elders, only to divorce in three days so that they can be together again.

However, within the three days, fate and emotions get into the way of love. Can the pact survive? Can love fight fate? Heheh! You just gotta watch it in the cinema, if you have not read the book already.

For the gala première night, the main actors donned traditional brides and bridegrooms costumes and paraded on the walkway of Pavilion shopping mall up to the GSC Cinemas where the show was screened. There was also "bersanding" ceremony. :)

We have watched the movie and we are giving it 9/10.

Why? Great story. Definitely NOT your typical run of the mill crappy sappy love movies that are being churned out by movie production houses just to earn quick bucks. Great cast with fantastic acting chops. Funny yet endearing moments when you least expect it.

If you have only one Malay movie to watch this year, make it this one. It's fun yet tragic at the same time. Pssst...No car accident scene in this one. :)

We have put together a video of the "Untuk Tiga Hari" wedding parade. Hope you enjoy it! BTW, we use Dayang Nurfaizah version of the song, Hingga Ke Akhirnya as the background music.

We have not seen Afdlin Shauki perform live in a long long time. all the guests at the gala were lucky when we get to see him serenading his "bride" on stage. Trivia: The song is actually written by Afdlin for his wife and recorded in his album Fuyoo! in 2003.

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