Saturday, September 15, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why Running Makes Me Happy

Have you ever felt worse after a run? Well, there are times that I feel lousy after a run but hey generally running makes me happy. Here are the top 5 why lacing up my running shoes makes me HAPPY! :D

1. Running is the simple
I was never a sporty type of person ever since I was in school. I hated cross country run. I cringed every time they asked me to be the goal keeper during Physical Education period. My idea of sport was to watching badminton on TV. Due to encouragement from an ex-colleague, I took up long distance running. It is the simplest form of sport. All you need is a pair of good running shoes and passion to run.

2. Running let me “compete” with the world’s best
What other sport in the world let you COMPETE with the world-class international athletes? Tennis? Soccer? Judo? Swimming? Synchronized swimming? None of the above but running in marathon actually does. Actually, it may seem glamourous at the starting line, but once the starting shot is fired, we will have to prepare to eat their dust, but still, NO other sports give us the opportunity to be in the SAME event with international athletes.

3. Have road races will travel
My weekends are filled with runs or taking photos of my friends at the runs. Mostly I go for half marathons and 10K runs. I completed a few marathons like the KL International Marathon & Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Running also gives me the opportunity to travel and see places differently (there is a lot of differences between zooming along the Penang Bridge in a car versus running on it). I am blessed with some friends who share the same passion in running. We do travel out of KL for road races in and around Malaysia.

4. Eat and Run
I admit. I have weak in the knees for food. I can eat lot. If it isn’t for running, I think my weight would have ballooned to the weight of a baby elephant by now. It also gives me the excuse to eat another plate of pasta because I am “carboloading” for my 10K run tomorrow. Insert cheeky wink here.

5. Goodies Bag Junkie
The moisture-management limited edition vests. Sample packs of toiletries. Energy bars. Sweets. Ointment. Discount vouchers. I am such a sucker for the goodies bag they give out after a race! LOL! Some of the weirdest stuffs I found in my goodies bag are condoms, tampons and a bottle of sample size vagina wash.

Love it the most when the goodies bag contains a shiny finisher medal.

I’m sure running makes you happy too.

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