Thursday, September 27, 2012

Message from Vanidah Imran - World Hunger Relief Charity Walk 2012

Come join the fun while doing your bit to the hungry children in the world by taking part in "Be The Movement” World Hunger Relief (WHR) Charity Walk 6 Oct at Putrajaya.

The program is scheduled to start at 1pm with a mini carnival and stage show by Amy Search, Dafi AF, Suki (One in A Million), VIP and Eiffel Studio.

For fans of Vanidah Imran, Rashidi Ishak and Zain Saidin, you can walk and snap pics for your FB profile pics with them too.

We met Vanidah at a fashion event yesterday and she is super excited to be at the walk! Vanidah and Rashidi are currently hot on screen with their latest movie - UNTUK TIGA HARI while you'd probably known Zain Saidin as Henry Middleton in the popular TV series, Oh My English!

We can't resist to request a running pose from Vanidah! Check it out! :)

For more info about World Hunger Relief, check out the press release HERE.

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