Thursday, July 27, 2006

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What do you get if you combine thousands of adoring fans, six pussycats and one hot sultry night? A pussy-whipped night. Heheh! I love them pussycats.....They pranced, they prowled, they strutted and they sure could tease. The only thing that they didn't do was to cough up a furball.... The night was hot hot hot. I felt so hot, that I started to lick myself to keep cool. Heheh! Kidding. I actually felt dry despite the heat, thanks to my dry-fit Nike running T. Moisture-management at its best. Best for running and also outdoor concert. I love Nike dri-fit.

The Pussycats came on the stage at about 9:30pm with Buttons. The crowd went crazy. I was standing about 30 meters from the stage. I could only recognise Nicole- the tallest, skinniest and I dare to say the prettiest among all the six Pussycats. Actually, it was easy to spot Nicole because she had her name N.I.C.O.L.E.sown on her skirt! She also wore her “signature” leopard print bra. Whoa…..I was not sure which one was Kimberly or Ashley or Melody or Jessica or Carmit (pronounced Kar-mee; not Kermit. She's a pussycat not a frog. Heheh!). They were “Beep-ing” hot.

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