Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Performers from Madagascar, Brazil and France. Posted by Picasa

I was just in time to catch the guys from Madagascar. Kilema (the group’s name) had great way to work up the crowd and managed to get the audience to clap on cue. There were more people that night, despite being a Sunday night. Imagine hot bodies, pressed against each other while dancing to some sultry tropical tune in the rainforest! Wow! That was da bomb! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Next, came another crowd puller. It was Latin America’s turn. Calli Sur turn on the beat and shot the temperature sky high. The crowd went wild with dancing. An international conga line was seen snaking through the crowd. Shirts came off! Sweat poured out. I was dancing along too to the beat driven tunes. They did Guantanamera – crowd loved it, sang along and begged for more.

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