Sunday, July 30, 2006

Starting Point - It Was A Blur Posted by Picasa

Race Day

04:50 We arrived at the Start Point for Men Open Half Marathon. As we walk toward USM, we saw the full marathoners running on the opposite side of the road. Saw some familiar faces. Cheered for them before going into USM compound. A yellow rubber band was given to each runner as we passed the gate. Walked across a wet field to get to another gate.

05:30 We were let out from the USM compound. Lots of jostling. We had to walk about 500m through some residential area to the start point.

Due to lack of toilet facilities, some runner decided to use trees, walls, hedges and shrubs in the housing area as their urinals. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

05:40 Before reaching the start point, I heard the air horn blaring from afar. What the Beep?? This can’t be happening! Most of the runners in front had started running. What a messy start! They should have open the gate earlier! Ran passed the Starting Arch. Saw some fat VIPs, one of them is our Works Minister – Sami Vellu. My my my..I almost didn’t recognized him. He looked bloated and so unhealthy.

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