Sunday, July 30, 2006

Look Ma, No Traffic Posted by Picasa

Jogged slowly but surely. I felt great. Without my MP3 (which I have absent-mindedly left at home), I had to entertain myself. While, I was running, I had Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Madonna and Pussycat Dolls running in my head. If I do this more often, I might have to get Schizo. Treatment.

It was not too bad, running without MP3. I get to listen to the pitter patter of my own footsteps and 9,000 others. Heheh!

I hated the partition that was erected in between the road – can’t see the other side of the road. It also blocked the sea breeze coming from the other side. At certain part where there was no partition, I did catch a glimpse and waved at my friends on the other side.

6:20 I reached the first drinking station at middle f the bridge. Feeling great. Stow away my camera and started to increase my pace – going down slope. Thank God for gravity.

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