Sunday, July 16, 2006

Runwitme and the Chocolate Factory Posted by Picasa

The Pirates of The Caribean 2 ended about 12:00am. I reached home, took a shower and ate a Ramli special burger. It was almost 1:00 am. I shudder at the thought that I was supposed to wake up at 4:00am for the Seremban Half Marathon. How can I managed with 3 hours of sleep? OWTFGWIA!

John picked me up at 4:30am. Still groggy. My legs were still sleeping. Heheh! Tired from running up and down and around the Cineleisure the night before. Yawn! So sleepy.

We reached Seremban slighly over an drive. Nothing really spectacular about the run except the smells. Yes. The olfactory system was working over time during SHM. First there was the Chocolate Factory. At first, I was quite puzzled by the "Famous Amos" cookie smell way way before I reach the factory. It didn't bother me much except that it made me a little hungry. Yummy!

Then, I ran passed some roadkills - an iguana and a big dog. The stench was horrible. You know, rotting meat. That was not the worse.

Those who ran the 1/2 Marathon route could not miss the smelly river. Phew! The stench worse than the roadkills. Almost suffocate to death. Those who didn't notice this smelly river got to have their nose checked.

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