Sunday, July 16, 2006

Yawn! No Fun in This Hunt! Posted by Picasa

By nature, I do not really like to complain. But this event SUCKED big time.

Let's start with the registration. In the flyer, it was mentioned that we need 10 tickets stubs in exchange with 1 entry. But later the amount was reduced to 2, I guess due to poor response. I am sure people would be put off because of the 10 tickets stub requirement. I pity those who had to save up 10 tickets stubs. As for me, I was a bit lucky, as I have got an invitation voucher from my Superman Ultimate Trial goodies bag a couple of weeks ago. Superman had saved me from rummaging through the garbage bins at the cineplex. Heheh!

The goodies bag collection started at 5:00pm. Jen and I managed to be the first few to queue up. Now, let's complain about the goodies bag. We are in a team of TWO but we were given 1 PoC2 bandana and 1 Cathay bag only. Where is the logic-lah? It is not like we can split the bandana or the bag into two. I have the feeling that treasure hunt organiser are keeping the goodies for themselves because we see there were boxes of leftover after the close of the registration. They should ensure the goodies are enough for everybody. Bloody pirates!

More complain coming up. Major delay on the briefing. Everything looked like a last minute rush job. We were called to gather for briefing at the main stage to found that they have not set up the computer and the TV display. The CoC looked like a bulldozer had just ran over him. A wreck!!! Somebody call the Fab 5, please or send him to grooming class. Watching him gave me a headache. Heheh!

Finally, they got the PowerPoint presentation up and moved on the briefing. As we thought things were going smoothly, the TV and laptop decided not to talk to each other. They cannot play the video clip, which was part of the first question. Where is the pre-work and back-up plan? (Insert blood vomit here!)

So, the first question answer was given as a bonus. I am sure the organizer is not stupid, just a poor planner. There was zero crowd control for the flag off. The first clue was given as if we were in a refugee camp - begging for food. There was pushing. There was shoving. There was even shouting. Just terrible. (Insert blood vomit here).

How did the hunt work? We were given a "passport" to be marked by the marshal before we can proceed to the next clue. Since when Pirates need passport? There were 10 questions to complete. Based on the clue given, we must look for the PoC2 posters plastered in the Cineleisure building. To make our life, difficult, dummy posters were thrown in. We must find the right poster and answer the question and then look for the marshall to have our passport marked and handed the next clue. Very different from the usual walk-a-hunt whereby we have to look for the signboards for answers.

I would actually prefer the "old-school" method of hunting. Looking for the posters are kinda lame because you just have to observed the other contestants and follow the crowd to get to the posters. And when we get there, we have deal with more crowds. To get to the answer, we have to read through choo choo train of write-ups. It was difficult to concentrate if you have someone breathing on your neck or shoving you from the back to get closer to the poster. It was very frustrating!!!. My precious poor Nike Free shoes were stepped on so many times when I was trying to read the posters. (Insert cry here!)

Where is the fun, man? Cracking the clues for the treasure is fun. Scanning the supermart or convenience store shelves is fun. Trying to hide it from the prying eyes of other hunters is fun. But all the fun disappeared when the marshals started to shove the so-called treasure (Pim Pom Lollypops and Victory Sweets) to the participants. Frankly, I don't see the point why they bother to give us the questions for the treasures. Hello! This is a treasure hunt! We are supposed to hunt for the treasure, savvy? Wonder which part of "hunt" that the organiser didn't understand?? (Insert eye-rolling ceremony here).

Oh yeah! There was a stupid game to determine our fate, called the Pirate Dice. Our fate was not even in our hands - it was on a guy in one of the dim lit narrow corridor. Can't we roll our own dice and decide our own destiny? FYI, we got minus 5 points! (Stupid @&#^$%).

After submitting our answer sheets we were made to wait for the prize presentation ceremony while the marks were counted. Someone please get the organiser a stop watch and a copy of Time Management for Dummy. The delay was so bad that they have to skip the revelation of the answers and move straight to the prize presentation. What? No answers? We were told to contact the organiser for the answers after the show. Sorry. Couldn't be bothered!!!

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