Sunday, July 30, 2006

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The Verdict:

What kept our motor running?

1. Carbo-loading never been so fun with Nasi Kandar, Char Koay Teow and Pasembor.

2. Zero traffic. We had the bridge all to ourselves from 3:00am to 10:00am

3. Gorgeous sunrise. You just gotta slow down and enjoy it.

4. Excellent view of the World’s 3rd longest bridge.

5. Cool pewter finisher medal for everyone. Yeah! It is pretty too!

6. You will never get lost by going into wrong turn, (unless you jump into the sea heheh!)

7. Cool sea breeze…Seagulls…Feeling so free!

8. Easy to gauge the distance even without the distance marker. You know you are half way there when you reach the U turn at Seberang Prai.

9. Cool rubber bands for checkpoint

10. 9000 runners. The more the merrier.

What rubbed our tits the wrong way?

1. T-shirt collection was a beeping disorganized mess.

2. A messy start! We didn’t even know the race has started

3. Seeing a very bloated Sami Vellu.

4. Slow students who walked in flocks blocking the way.

5. Seeing people ran 21km with their heavy backpacks. Nuts!

6. People who kicked empty mineral water bottles around like a soccer ball as they run.

7. The divider erected in the middle block views

8. Lack of toilet facilities.

9. Almost died of thirst after crossing the finish line – have to join the long queue to get coupon for water which was in the goodies bag. Blardy idiot!

10. Have to return the cool rubber bands in exchange with finisher medal.

Will I return next year? A resounding YES! And the next year. And the year after next. And the year after the next…..(repeat till fade)

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