Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Performers from France, Mongolia and Austria. Posted by Picasa

The second night show was kicked off by a Sarawakian troupe – Biringkeng Tuaan. I bought a packet of fried noodles and curry chicken for dinner, washed down with a can of what else, but a can of ice cold Heineken. Yum!

The next show was a fun showcase of Quebec folk music from a trio called Genticorum from Canada.

We were treated with a unique vocal performance by a group from Mongolia – a vocal art called khoomei or deep throat singing where two distinct notes are being produced simultaneously. Kinda weird whirring sounds….It was interesting for the first couple of songs but then when it come to the fifth song, the crowd got so bored with it that some of the naughty ones decided to chant the football stadium cheer - Ole! Ole! Ole! I guess there was only so much of “deep throat” that one can take. Heheh! A group called Hotel Palindrom (Austria) took over from the Mongolians. More fiddles. Hmmm….I was actually kind of bored with the show at this point and walked to Dewan Lagenda to get some air, away from the sweaty crowd.

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