Saturday, September 26, 2009

Arthur's Day @ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia feat. The Black Eyed Peas

It was a good night. Everybody gotta (sic) feeling that it was going to be a good good night that night! At it was. Except for the opening acts! (Insert yawn here!)

BEP was flown in to Malaysia for Arthur's Day - a worldwide celebration for the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brewing company. The events also took place in other cities like Dublin, Lagos, New York and Yaoundé. Kuala Lumpur is the ONLY city in ASIA selected for Arthur's Day! Yay! Malaysia Boleh! :P

We were there for The Black Eyed Peas (BEP) and we didn't care for the rest of the opening acts.

Let's skip all the bangra/ hip hop wannabes and go to the best part....

The BEP show kicked off with Let's Get It Started! How apt! Heheh!

It was the 4th visit from BEP to Malaysia. I think should be the 5th for Fergie because I won a dinner date with her when she was known as Stacy Ferguson during her Wild Orchid promo visit to KL.

BEP rocked the house with the latest hits from their latest album The E.N.D. - Meet Me Halfway, Boom Boom Pow, Imma be and Rock That Man....

All the parental guidance words like mother-effer were self-censored. :)

They slipped in older hits like Shut Up and Don't Phunk With My Heart much to the crowd's delight!

I was hoping that they would sing Request Line but tough chance...Macy Gray was not in the house! LOL!

The dancers were fantastic - the can transform themselves into load speakers! LOL! Too bad I don't have the pics. also showcased his DJ-ing talent by spinning some Top 40 remixes half way through the BEP show.

Fergie thanked her fans for supporting her solo career by presenting her solo hit - Big Girls Don't Cry. The audience sang along! It was beautiful. :)

Fergie with her freaky long nailed hands during Boom boom powperformance. But that's not even close in term of fierceness compared to Beyonce's robo hand. :)

The heat and humidity got the best of Fergie. She looked like a cat had just peed on her. LOL!

I love the cool inflatable robots on the stage. Very futuristic, eh?

The BEP performance was highly energetic!

They professed that they love MALAYSIA and KUALA LUMPUR...and CAN'T WAIT TO COME BACK HERE AGAIN!!!!! Yes...They said that and I got it on video. :)

BEP closed their performance with their current #1 hit on BillBoard - I Gotta Feeling.

Despite the lack of "shooting opportunity", I managed to get these two amazing shots during Where Is The Love? performance. and Taboo coming together...;)

And they MADE LOVE. Awwwwww......

The celebration ended with a toast TO ARTHUR! and a spectacular firework show. Check out the video.


It was the hottest concert so far this year for me. But wait....Sasha Fierce is coming soon....(Insert excited squeal here!)

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