Friday, September 25, 2009

PM's Raya Open House Part 3 - Entertainment Time

After Makan and Salam...I stayed on at Dato' Sri Najib's Raya Open House. Let's check out the entertainment...

As mentioned earlier, there were two stages - one outside the house (for orang awam) and one in the house (for VIPs). No prize for guessing where I was at.

The line up of artistes would do an RTM producer proud - three colours. :) Malay, Chinese and Indian. :)

This is Dia Fadila. She sang a few Hari Raya songs and have tendency to grab little girls to be brought up the stage. Heheh!

I noticed she has very weird eyebrows. They're like thick moustache growing on her forehead. Time to visit the eyebrow stylist...LOL!

This is Mirwana. Not to be mistaken with Nirvana. :)

They didn't perform any nasyid or religious songs but some raya songs.

From what I gathered, they all have full time jobs and singing is just part of their interests.

Lagu raya pun nak goreng ke? Heheh!

Very peculiar way of singing, eh?

Faizal Tahir used to be in this group before going pop-rock. Do you think any of the group member are as handsome as Faizal Tahir? LOL!

We cannot escape from these two comedians whenever there is a goverment or RTM function. Angeline Tan (representing the Chinese) & Sathiya (representing the Indisns). Of course there were Malay comedians as well but I am too lazy to post their pictures here. :)

Angeline is sweet and has an infectious laugh. Can't say the same to the rest of the emcees though.

This is MK. Not sure what MK stands for. Could be Muthu Kumaran. Or Muzaffar Kaisar. :) I don't really know. He sang a couple of Indian songs. Like Dia, he also have tendency to grab the audience to dance with him on stage. Check out the video later

Iqwal. A young singer who looks like a love child of Michael Jackson from this angle. Heheh! Check out the nose!

Here's a Malay divo - Nassier Wahab who has not aged abit since his appearence in the Malay pop scene since the late 80's.

He did two songs. A raya song and a cha cha number called "Kasih"

Another divo...a popular Chinese singer for RTM variety programs, Kelvin Lau.

Kelvin looked smart in his Baju Melayu. He sang a Malay raya song and the theme song from the Shanghai Bund TV series.

And Kelvin brought the rain too...LOL! Kidding!

These are Kelvin's platform shoes. I think he managed to add a couple of inches to his height....

The one that got away.....

I only managed to snap a pic of Jaclyn Victor's behind. She was rushing to perform at the VIP stage. The A-list artistes like Jaclyn Victor and Jamal Abdillah were reserved for the VIP stage up there. This is totally unfair! :(

After seeing the pictures, let's watch the performances of the artistes.

Watch out for Iqwal and his three African dancers, doing an Indian number. Very 1Malaysia 1World!


This is the final post from Dato' Sr Najib's Raya Open House. Hope you enjoyed reading the posts. Comments are always welcome.

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