Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PM's Raya Open House Part 1 - Makan Time

First day of raya. First time Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abd Razak organising open house as Malaysia Primi Minister. But it was my second time to a PM's Open House in Seri Perdana. I visited Dr. M's Raya Open House many years ago.

Festivities and free food...I said why not? :)

So, around 8am, I took a Rapid Bus to Putrajaya. I was not alone. There were half bus full of people going to Putrajaya too, including a bunch of Chinese tourists.

Upon reaching KL Sentral, I looked for the feeder bus to Seri Perdana. No problem! They provided FREE bus service to the PM house too. Otherwise we have to pay 50sen per ride. :)

No queue? Hahah! I was early. I reach Seri Perdana around 9:15am.

The workers were busy making the last preparation anticipating the arrival of thousands of people.

The colour scheme of the day was purple and white. :) Not pink like somebody's website. LOL!

There were a few "stalls" serving ice cold cordial drinks along the walkway to Seri Perdana. Not very useful for me at that moment, but I guess as the crowd grew and the wait got longer, these stalls would provide cool reliefs to the those in the queue. How very thoughful! :)

Now, Malaysians most favourite four letter word - FOOD! :)

Kuih Talam, Bingka Ubi, Kuih Lapis, Kek Pisang, Bahulu, Soto Rembau, Mee Rebus Muar, Laksa Kuah Kedah, Roti John Pekan, Roti Canai, Mee Goreng, Kuey Tiaw Goreng, Lemang, Nasi Briyani, Ketupat, Rendang Ayam, Rendang Daging, Sate Ayam, Cendol, Tosai, Idli....the list went on. (Insert slurping sound effect here!)

I must say I was spoiled for choices! I took a plate of rice with rendang for starter and washed down with a bowl of ice cool cendol! Yum!

As reported by NST, Head chef Along Eu, of Kuzie Catering Sdn Bhd, estimated that 600kg of rice, 500kg of beef and more than 400 whole chickens were cooked and served during the day by a staff of 250! Wow!

Would you like to try my hot tosai? ;)

Some of the food were prepared fresh! What impressed me most is the traditional food demo! I love this!

Guests were allowed to participate in making the dodol and kuih wajik!

The art of making traditional delicacies is slowly fading. I think it is a very good idea to show new generation how these are used to be made in kampungs.

The cooked kuih wajik and dodol were served to the guests...

Yum! Dodol - the Malay "chewing gum" (left) and Kuih Wajik (Glutinous rice cake with palm sugar)

One peculiar dish that made its way to Dato' Sri Najib's Open House Menu was Roti John Pekan!

I am from Pekan (the Royal Town of Pahang) and I don't even know that Pekan is famous for Roti John! LOL!

FYI, Dato' Sri Najib is also Pekan's current Member of Parliament. See the connection?

So what is Roti John? It is one of the greasiest food I that I have ever encountered in my whole life! - pan fried bread plastered with fried eggs, minced meat, topped with tomato/ chili sauce and then smouldered with tonnes of mayonnaise! :)

Eat at your own risk! LOL!

Food was abundant. This photo was taken around 3pm when the Open House supposed to end! Still plenty left....

Some "brilliant" ones brought plastic bags to take home the food. Must be professional Open House visitors! Who would have thought to bring plastic bags to an open house like this?

(Note: To self - bring big plastic bags to Najib's Open House next year!) LOL!

Now the video....I'm sure you will salivate watching the yummy food! :)

See how Malaysia come together when it comes to food! :) As I said, FOOD is Malaysia's favourite Four letter words. :)


Note: Soundtrack - Indahnya Di Hari Raya, a beautiful duet by Dayang Nurfaizah and Jaclyn Victor.

Coming next: Salam time with PM and his parade of ministers.

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