Monday, September 14, 2009

Mika Häkkinen @ Sunway Pyramid (Johnnie Walker - Join The Pact Supercar Demo)

Yup! I got this....An autographed promo card by the man himself - Mika Häkkinen, a Finnish racing driver and two-time Formula One World Champion.

After having ayam penyet for lunch, Frank, Lionel, William and I waited patiently at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid. Four eager fans with cameras...

The main driveway of Sunway Pyramid was converted to a mini F1 circuit for the event! A very mini F1 circuit. :)

The eager Mika fans...

The eager Johnnie Walker gurlz...

One eager Chermaine Poo...

Chermaine Poo is sticking a thumb up for Mika!

Mika finally arrived with his entourage at 2:30pm sharp! I like this guy...Very punctual. :)

Joining the pact by signing a pledge - Never Drink and Drive. Joining Mika were Daphne Iking, Chermaine Poo and Reshmonu....FYI, Reshmonu didn't get to ride with Mika like the two girls. Just there to "grace" the event perhaps? :P

Guess which one is Mika's signature?

Mika then got suited up for the demo drive. Five lucky passengers get to ride with him - Sunway big boss, a contest winner, Chermaine Poo, Daphne King and ESPN's Lisa Wong.

The Caparo T1 Supercar. Me think it looks like a Bat Mobile. Heheh!

It really smoked the place! I could have sworn smelling the burning rubber as the car zoomed by like deafening thunder!

Daphne Iking. Was she enticed to ride with Mika? LOL! Can't resist the pun!

I like the slogan on her T-shirt - Save Water Get Dirty...:P

Mika was having runny nose.

I hope it was not H1N1..Heheh! Joking!

After a short interview with the emcee, Mika approached the fans who were waiting behind the barricade.

Autograph session time! He was obliged to stamp his Dooberman mark on pouches, caps, magazines, posters and even T-shirt which was still on the man wearing it!

I was beaming when I received an autographed promo card! Thank you Mika!

More interviews....

FYI, Mika is also racing against Lewis Hamilton (another F1 driver) to get as many "drinkers" out there to join the pact.

It was a fun outing my running photography friends. Thanks Frank, Lionel and William!


Mika left his marks in Sunway Pyramid. :)

Now, the video....

I was just standing behind where Daphne Iking and Chermaine Poo seats. They're gorgeous, even from the back! :P



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