Monday, September 07, 2009

running with passion: RELOADED

Back in 2004 when I started this blog...Blogger didn't have photo upload service. So, I had to put my pictures to, a popular FREE webhosting site back then and then link them back to my post.

However, GEOCITIES IS CLOSING ON OCTOBER 26, 2009 and everything will be no longer available. I am painstakingly re-uploading my old photos, one by one into blogger.

I hope to complete it within this month before the photos vanish into oblivion.

It was a trip back to the memory lane - reading my old post and looking at the old photos taken by my now kaput old Nikon Coolpix 3500 camera. Now I still do the same thing, albeit my camera is waterproof and I do include YouTube videos in my post whenever possible.

My first post with photos along the running route was about the Melaka Marathon in 2004. I did the half marathon. Incidentally, I just got back from Melaka for a short weekend trip. There have been vast changes to Melaka within these few years...I will post photos from my recent trip soon.

Until then, enjoy the re-upload post here.

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