Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Snake Dancer's Charm & Belly Dancing Delights @ Sunway Pyramid

As promised here is the posting on the snake dancers and belly dancers @ Sunway Pyramid.

Amazing! Salute to the gutsy dancer who handled the snake so well.

Not only she need to dance to the beat, she had to make sure she was not strangled to death by the slithery reptile!

I have no problem with snakes but I can see alot of people in the crowd squirmed!

Snake wrestling?

I not sure now the snakes handled the jiggly and spinning movements. :) Luckily for her there was no snake vomit. Heheh!

This dancer moved like a snake! Ssssso ssssseductive!

I Dreamt of Jeannie. Doink! Doink!

The belly dancing show started around 3pm, an hour after the snake dance. Same troupe that performed the Arabian Folklore Dance. I noticed the similar dance sequences and songs that they used. Hmmmm....

Again, fantastic costumes! Beautiful props!

I have never seen male dancer doing belly dance before. Erm...those fatty boys in the belly dancing class in the gym doesn't count. LOL!

The two male belly dancers were as good as their female counterparts in term of hip-shaking and butt-jiggling!

This dancer was the diva of the show! The one who got spun around like a rag doll in the video I posted earlier! :) Amazing!

Here's the video.

I really enjoyed the show and have been playing the video repeatedly on my laptop. I think I'm obsessed with snake belly dancing! Hahah!


What a spectacular show!....If you missed this, you still have another chance this coming weekend to watch it LIVE at Sunway Pyramid! It's free and you can go shopping after that!

Hahah! I wasn't paid to promote this. :) I really like Sunway Pyramid which is located a stone's throw away from my home. It has everything I need in a mall...Love the FREE wifi....

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