Friday, September 11, 2009

Mika Häkkinen and “Join The Pact” Supercar

The car is here, but the man is not...Well, not yet!

On 12 September, Mika Häkkinen (who is the Johnnie Walker Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador) will officially launch the Never Drink And Drive campaign with a demonstration of the Join The Pact supercar on the roads of Sunway, Oasis Boulevard at 1.30pm.

As I was walking home from my gym yesterday night, I saw the supercar being transported in front of Sunway Pyramid Old Wing Main Entrance. So, naturally I reached for my camera.

Two chubby Mat Sallehs and a few local workers were seen transporting the supercar, which looks like a Bat Mobile to me! LOL!

Then out of nowhere, a chick climbed into the driver seat. Not sure who she was but I figured it must be the shortest ride in her life!

Check out the video...


More info here.

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