Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jalan-jalan Ke Melaka

The initial plan was a trip to Tasik Bera, the largest freshwater lake in Malaysia. Somehow the plan got scrapped and we ended up driving to Melaka for a weekender.

This is my first trip to Melaka after this historical city centre been listed as a prominent World Heritage Site of UNESCO on 7 July 2008.

Melaka is not only famous for her glorious history but also glorious gastronomical delights. This time, no running just eating and sight-seeing!

Our first stop was a famous Satay Celup (also known as luk luk) or "dipping satay" restaurant.

Fresh seafood, meat, eggs, vegetable, mushrooms are skewered on bamboo sticks. To cook them, we have to dip the satays into a pot of spicy peanut sauce which is placed into a hole on the table. Underneath the table is a gas cooker.

Each stick of satay costs around 50-60 sen. Definitely yummy! My favourite is the "yau char kwai". It really soaks in the flavour of the sauce.

Eye On Malaysia used to be located in Lake Titiwangsa in KL. It found a new home by the Straits of Melaka.

We didn't go up the Eye On Malaysia. Just took its picture from far with the dramatic sunset as backdrop.

Gigantic Ferris wheel...about 60m high providing visitors spectacular views around the Melaka river mouth.

After the sunset, we "loitered" around the ARENA area for some nightscene photographs.

Beautifully lit but devoid of crowd. I wonder how the businesses in this place are going to survive?

After we dumping our luggage at out hotel, we explored the Jonker Walk. I will cover Jonker Walk in a separate post because there were so much to see and eat there! Heheh! We also visited the red Dutch buiding - The Stadthuys and its surrounding.

We made a brief trip to the Portuguese settlement in the next morning. Nothing much to see there. Only one restaurant was open for lunch. It is recommended to visit this place at night or during the San Juan and Christmas festival.

In the afternoon, I made a "pilgrimage" to A' Famosa. A trip to Melaka is not complete if I don't visit this place. I just love the historical feel of this area. Heheh!

An Iguana basking on the cannon in front of A' Famosa.

It actually belongs to a man who charges RM5 for a photo with the gorgeous reptile!

"May I stroke your animal?..."

On a hot afternoon, this is a bowl of heaven....Authentic Durian Cendol with 100% Gula Melaka...Yum!

I have put together a video of the things I see and experience over the weekend in Melaka. Since Melaka was once colonised with the Portuguese, I use a Portuguese song as the soundtrack. Sounds familiar? Anyone know the original title of this cover? And by whom? :)


Coming soon - more food at Jonker Walk. It should be renamed Yum Yum Walk! :)

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