Monday, April 11, 2011

Colour Up Your Run with Adidas Colour Missions by ClimaCool® Ride

I have just discovered this website where you can download some FREE soundtracks to spice up your running bout, in case you get bored with your usual Lady Gaga or Britney Spears playlist in your MP3 player.

The adidas Colour Missions is the world’s first running role-playing soundtrack – a thrilling and immersive soundtrack designed to add colour and excitement to each run. The soundtrack is launched to promote the very colourful adidas ClimaCool® Ride running shoes.

Each Colour Mission is a dramatic scenario based around a colour, a genre and a type of trail by using sound effects and storytelling to turn your run into a colourful experience. The voice over speaks to you in the second person and tells you why you are running and what you are trying to achieve. Sound effects are used to bring these unusual settings to life, while music will be used to effectively create the mood.

You can pretend to be:

1) A robber fleecing the police

2) Someone racing to make contact with an UFO

3) A rockstar late for a gig

4) Someone chased by vampires.

Download the Colour Mission track at

Try it and let me know if you like the tracks. But do try it at a safe place. I find the sirens, gunfires and vampire screams can be quite startling! LOL!

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