Thursday, April 07, 2011


More flexible and more supportive than the first Nike Free Run+, the latest update to the Free series – the Nike Free Run+ 2 – delivers exceptional cushioning, improved fit and the barefoot-like benefits of natural motion. Like its predecessor, the Nike Free Run+ 2 is Nike+ enabled, allowing runners to track distance, pace, time and calories burned in real time.

The unique upper design of the Nike Free Run+ 2 was inspired by the anatomy of the foot, in which seemingly delicate bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles are interconnected in a remarkable lattice work that enables the foot to support enormous impact and pressure.

Similarly, the multi-layered upper design of the Nike Free Run+ 2 features minimal overlays that allow for a much wider range-of-motion than would be possible in a conventional running shoe. But, working in concert, those layers are also sufficiently robust to provide the support runners need.

Key Product Features:

• Innovative new approach to upper construction mimics the underlying architecture of the foot to deliver a unique blend of barefoot-like freedom and shoe-like running.

• Midsole features high-resolution siping based on Nike’s latest Nike Free learnings and promotes an incredibly smooth, naturally neutral ride.

• The perfect entry point for runners who are looking for a more minimal, barefoot-like experience without sacrificing the cushioning, protection, and traction benefits of a running shoe.

The Nike Free Run+ 2 retails at RM 369 and will be available in April 2010 onwards at all Nike Stores nationwide.

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