Thursday, April 07, 2011

Namsan Million Person Walking Festival

While browsing the Internet, I came across this amazing event in Korea. How I wish I could fly to Korea and join this festival....It's cherry blossom season isn't it? Heheh!

Ever since its inception in 2009, the ‘Namsan Million Person Walking Festival’ has drawn a large number of participants ranging from Seoulites and international residents to international visitors, families, and organized clubs and groups.

The event takes place the second Saturday of every month from April to June, making it a convenient outdoor activity for busy city dwellers. This year's dates fall on April 9, May 14 and June 11. Do check it out if you are in Korea on that dates.

The festival circuit consists of two different routes: a full course (7.5km) and a half course. Thirsty participants will be quenched by complimentary beverages and Airsu water and winners will be given coupons for a spinal checkup, walking shoes, a baby stroller, a children’s car seat and other goodies.

Circus performers, jugglers, and a 20-piece trombone ensemble will help kick off events each week with a high-spirited fanfare. (sounds like tonnes of fun!)

Participants need only to wear comfortable walking shoes and sign up onsite. How easy is that?

For more info, please click HERE.

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