Monday, April 04, 2011

Jaclyn Victor @ The Orang Asli Trail Run 2011

We were surprised when we saw Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor at starting point of The Orang Asli Trail Run 2011 yesterday! Yup! It was really her, ditching her microphone and glittering show costumes for a pair of trail running shoes....

We did asked Jaclyn Victor to do a running pose for us at Hard Rock Cafe last year. We don't know that she is a runner too. Heheh!

The Orang Asli Trail Run 2011 was organised by a few runner friends of mine who decided to group together and do something to help the poor Orang Asli at Kg Batu 16, Jalan Bentong Lama, Gombak. When I was asked to be the volunteer photographer for the run, I agreed immediately.

The Orang Asli Trail Run is a charity run in the most basic form. No running t-shirt, no medals, no prize money and no timing chips. All proceed goes to the logistic of the run and donation to the Orang Asli group.

The runners had a chance to run with the Orang Asli, along the trail that has been cleared purposely for the run. So, basically they ran in the jungle, crossing three rivers along the way.

We overheard Jac praying out loud as she manoeuvred herself around and over the rocks near the river.

"Please don't fall. Please don't fall".

She gingerly crossed the river without any help.

Go Jac, go!

Even though the trail is quite scenic, it is not all easy all the way. There were parts where runners had to climb up steep muddy slopes and got their blood sucked by leeches.

Sweating it out for a good cause.

Hurray! Jac completed the run in piece. Heheh!

Jac is wearing an Orang Asli finisher "medal" on her neck. The "medal" is made of pandanus leaves, woven by hands, specially crafted for the event.

We are not surprised when Jac has some fans among the Orang Asli. Even though they are quite shy, they managed to overcome their shyness and approached me to take photos with their Malaysian Idol.

I will send them the pictures later. :D

Jaclyn Victor with posing with some Orang Asli boys who ran with her in the trail.

More photos coming soon. We are in the midst of editing the video for the run. Please comeback for updates.

The organiser of the Orang Asli Trail Run will be selling some beautifully designed T-shirts for charity too. Please wait for further annoucement from them.

Like The Orang Asli Trail Run on Facebook HERE.

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wah ,good collection for her..cheers




Wootz.. I wanna take picture with her :D



I love Jac. She is an inspiration cz she is so down-to-earth & approachable!

=..= Meow Kitty

Paul KlangValley


What a nice run with Jac! People's Idol yo!

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