Sunday, April 24, 2011

Photos & Results: Kinrara Metta Run 2011

Do you know that word "Metta" means Loving-Kindness in Pali language. So, all you runners this morning ran with "Loving-Kindness". Bless you all. Heheh!

Close to a thousand runners turned up this morning at Bandar Kinrara Puchong for the run. This charity run is organised by the Kinrara Metta Buddhisht Society, Puchong to raise fund for the new building for Dharma education.

Spotted at the start line. Not sure why this guy wear a diving mask for the run. If that is not funny enough, check out the expression of the guy on the extreme left. LOL!

The run was flagged off at the show houses of the main title sponsor, Mah Sing and took runners around the newly developed residential area in Kinrara.

Not difficult to spot a sprinter among the runners in the pic. LOL!


Many made this run a fun family outing. Several runners ran with baby strollers including Karen Loh.

Frank Chong was shocked to see me. Too "handsome" I guess. LOL!

Runners making their way back to the finish line.

Trophies for the winners.

Runners were treated with juices, bread, apples and drinks from various sponsors. From our observations, the run ran smoothly without major glitches. Overall feedbacks from the runners were quite positive and who knows the Kinrara Metta Buddisht Society may organised it again next year. :D

If you enjoyed the run or encountered any shortcomings, do post your feedback on their FB wall HERE.

TOP 5 results for Kinrara Metta Run 2011


1- Yasoko Hasotani (45.44); 2-Agnes Tee (48.29); 3-Yvonne Siew (49.31); 4-Tan Kan Tat (51.35); 5-Ang Swee Sian (51.47)

Category C (WOMEN OPEN)

1- Ainur Syafiqah (48.01); 2-Oh Yann Shie (49.29); 3-Kwan Sook Mei (50.11); 4-Stacy Cheng (52.35); 5-Ng Xian Ying (53.17)

Category B (MEN VETERAN)

1-Goh Choon Aun (32.15); 2-Vincent Wong (33.15); 3-Moey Wooi San (33.22); 4-Tee Ee Kia (35.41); 5- Loh Meng Choon (36.08)

Category A (MEN OPEN)

1-Abraham Cheruyot (28.11); 2-Suhairi (30.20); 3-Chaaitanya (30.30); 4-Richard Habeya (31.33); 5-Chan Wai Yee

The organising committee of Kinrara Metta Run. Jumping for joy for a great run for a noble cause.

The volunteers for Kinrara Metta Run 2011. Thank you all for making it happen!

The gorgeous medal every finisher took home.

Note: There were several break-ins reported at the parking lot of the run. This crime is very rampant nowadays. We hope all race organisers would notify the police so that the police could do some patroling at the car park area to prevent break-ins.

Runners, do not leave any valuables in your cars. Also try not to leave your bags on your car seats. Put all bags inside the boot. This may help to discourage break-in.

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