Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photo: The Wonder Girls 원더걸스 @ Twin Tower Alive, KLCC

The photo above could the the closest we will ever get to have The Wonder Girls doing a running pose for us! We didn't have the chance to even ask. The security was tight. There was no press conference before the show.

But we are not complaining here. Heheh! We have got the best view in the concert until the second song. After that, all the reporters and photographers were shooed out from the front of the stage to behind the Fanzone.

Anyway, enjoy the pics, OK.

Don't ask me who is who in the Wonder Girls because I have no freaking idea. LOL! Sorry...they all look alike, except the blonde one with ahem...some great assets.

Eh? Is that Sponge Bob Square pants? LOL!

The Wonder Girls definitely wowed the crowed that night with their nifty and cute choreographed dance steps.

Cute or not?

The girls taking a breather between songs. Our weather must be too hot for them. Kesian....

The girls sang Two Different Tears (Opening), So Hot, Tell Me and Saying I Love You but the song everyone was waiting for this one...Their megahit, NOBODY! It comes with a cute dance...(Think Mararena and The Ketchup Song)

I want NOBODY....NOBODY....(Wave your index finger back and forth in the air)

...BUT YOU! (Raise up your right knee and point with your two index fingers)

Got it? If not, you can watch the tutorial by the Wonder Girls themselves below. But before that, watch emcees Will Quah and Aishah Sinclair making a fool out of themselves trying to do the dance. LOL!


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