Saturday, April 02, 2011

News: KARA GOUCHER'S RUNNING FOR WOMEN: From First Steps to Marathons

Hitting stores just before the April 18, 2011 Boston Marathon--which Goucher will run as her first full marathon after giving birth to her new son--KARA GOUCHER'S RUNNING FOR WOMEN: From First Steps to Marathons (On-sale April 5, 2011; Touchstone; 978-1-4391-9612-0; $16.99/paperback) by World Championship bronze medalist and top U.S. marathoner Kara Goucher is a fully illustrated and comprehensive guide to running for any woman who wants to get fit, get fast, and go farther.

Goucher distills all of her hard-earned knowledge into tips, tricks, and guidance aimed at helping readers become better, happier, healthier, and more fulfilled runners—whether they are just getting started or hoping to improve their marathon time.

KARA GOUCHER'S RUNNING FOR WOMEN is packed with sample training schedules and nutrition plans and includes female-friendly advice on topics like running during and after pregnancy, managing the special challenges of the woman athlete's body, and maintaining a balance between running and family life. Each chapter includes a "Dear Kara" Q&A section, unique "It Works for Me" tips, and a selection of Kara's favorite quotes about running and life.

Kara Goucher is the world champion bronze medalist for the 10K and a top U.S. marathoner. A member of the Nike Oregon Project, she lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, professional runner Adam Goucher. Visit Kara's blog at

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