Sunday, April 10, 2011

Video: A Day With Inspirational Runners in conjunction with The Energizer Night Race 2011

Hats off to these three flers. We met them at the Energizer Night Race racekit collection yesterday. Those who went to collect their racekits around 11:30om yesterday get the chance to hear their stories LIVE from the stage at the Tropicana City Mall, PJ.

Meet the speakers....I am not gonna rewrite the press release on who they are but do watch the video at the end of this post for their inspiring stories.

This is En. Mohd. Shariff Abdullah or more wellknown as The Singapore Blade Runner (SBR).

This is Alexander "The Extramiler" Au Yong or I called him "Powered by Jesus" runner (That's the slogan on back of his race T-shirt. LOL!)

Joshua Lee of StART Society.

The stories of these three outstanding runners will also be featured in the Energizer Night Race special program by ASTRO. It will be aired after the event on the 16 April 2011.

All the three runners will also be joining the ENR in different categories. Do say hi if you chance upon them along the route next week! :D

Energizer will attempt to enter the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Participation in a Night Run with an expected 10,000 participants! So, those signed up, please turn up for your race ya...Heheh!

A must watch video. Hear from all three inspirational runners themselves on how running had changed their lives forever!


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