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The 2nd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk 2009

What? 2nd Putrajaya International 12 Hour Walk

Where? Dataran Putrajaya

When? 8:00pm 12 Dec - 8:00am 13 Dec 2008

Who? Organised by The Race Walker Association of Malaysia

How long? 1km per loop. The walker with the most loops covered wins.

Amelia, Yew Ting and I arrived at the Dataran Putrajaya about 6:30 that evening. We got lost because someone has forgotten to bring her GPS. LOL! Luckily we managed to arrived on time to collect the racekit.

Our goodie bag. Quite similar with the previous your except the missing mug and upgrade of T-shirt material (from cotton to synthetic dry fit type material)

The race was started at 8:00pm promptly and finished at 8:00am on the next morning. 3 meals would be served and free-flow of isotonic drink, complimentary of Yeo's H-Two-O.

I noticed that there were three timing chip mats this year - one at the start point and two more: one each at the extreme end of the loop. This is to prevent participants from taking short cuts. (Insert plus point for the organiser here)

The night was hot with occasional breeze. We were blessed because, unlike last year, there was no rain during the walk.

Face-off with Tey Eng Tiong. Thanks for coming all the way from PJ by public transport to support us.

First feeding frenzy at 10:00pm.

Soup kitchen.

Late dinner - rice, veggies, egg, red bean soup and "Ajinomoto-black pepper soup".

Food review: The food quality this year has dropped like the world economy.

The red bean soup was SALTY! When I told the person in charge at the food station, he told me it was because of the GINGER. Hello? Ginger is supposed to be HOT, not salty. Anyway, I never touch the soup again.

And the other clear soup taste as if they mixed pepper and Ajinomoto with water. Urgh!

Back to walking...

The results was posted on the notice board. My complain - the text was too small to read under the dim light. Maybe I should get my eye checked? Does anyone else have this problem?


Brightly lit Dataran Putrajaya.

Wedding Photographer at work. Putrajaya is a favourite spot for wedding photography because of its beautiful architecture.

The buffet Q.

Rice and veggies at 1:00 am.

Nescafe tarik satu!

This guy was resting in the middle of road. :)

Breakfast at 5:30am - fried bee hoon, sausages and Ajinomoto soup.

People watching while having my meal.

Even the H2O boys needed some sleep. LOL!

The pavement is his bed and the sky his blanket. :)

Walk until blur-blur liao.....

I managed to catch one hour of sleep on the bench before the day was dawning....

I love this building. The orange colour on the glass wall is the reflection of sunrise.

Face-off with Jamie Pang.

Is there something wrong with her legs??? (second walker from right)

Free shower, anyone?

Local walker, B. Thirukumaran completed 101km to bag three medals!!!! (Top participant in 50km, Top participant in 70km and Overall Champion in men's category)

(Insert Appplause here!)

Hong Kong's So Kit Mun sashayed her way to the third placing with 81km.

Kecil-kecil cili padi - Wai Man completed 83km to be at the second place in the women's category.

French mademoiselle - Kora Bouffilert emerged a winner in the women's category with 94km.

Corinne preparing for the prize giving ceremony.

My finisher medal. Yay!

Julie jumping for joy!

Now, presenting the video....

I was quite amused when Lawrence Leong (no relation to the Casa Impian decorator, Eric Leong) was automatically selected to be in the preview of the YouTube video.

He was pretending to shoot himself, mocking Jamie Pang last year's double barrel suicide pic....LOL!


Note: Background music is Marching On by OneRepublic. This song was put on repeat play mode during my 12 hour walk for at least first half of the walk! Love it!

As a summary....

The Good

Three timing chip mat check station to deter cheaters from taking short cuts.

Good T-shirt material (moisture management type).

Great music! :) Hahah! Someone must be reading my blog. But then theu switch to romantic ballads after 12:00am. (Insert snore here!) Luckily I brought my own MP3 player! :P

The Bad

The food this year sucked - the infamous salty red bean soup and the ajinomoto-black pepper clear soup!

The Ugly

Cheaters again! Someone saw a female walker went into her tent and then someone else came out to continue the walk. Sigh! Why bother signing up for a race if you plan to cheat?

Floaters and runners were seen doing their thing when the officials were not watching! I hope the organiser would deploy more officials around the loop and around the clock.

That's all folks. See you next year! :D

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