Thursday, December 24, 2009


Popular singer songwriter, Jay Chou was in town last Monday for a promo trip for his latest movie - The Treasure Hunter. The event was brought by the same people who did the Bodyguards and Assassins the previous week. And also at the same place - Pavilion concourse.

The only difference this time was the amount of crowd. Huge turned out, specially young girls who just discovered hormones. No prize for guessing whose fan were those. :P

This time, I didn't manage to get a pass into the exclusive fan zone area. No more passes left when I got there to Pavilion. So I had to stand at the lowest step of the staircase leading down from the main entrance.

I could bare hear what the people on stage were saying from the place where I was standing.

The screaming fans make things worse. But no screaming from this one though. :)

As usual there were silly games for the fans. The two emcees were extremely annoying. They just yakked yakked yakked away on the stage. I can't hear a thing what they were saying anyway from the place I was standing. Very annoying. It's a shame the event was plague with inferior sound system coming from a prestigious mall like Pavilion.

Loud screams, big banners and flash cards welcome Jay Chou and Lin Chi Ling when they finally arrived around 8:20pm.

Many of us at the back were cursing at those people in front who were blocking out views with their stupid poster, flash cards and that stupid TM Orange hand thingy!

My lens was zoomed to the max....I kept snapping hopeflly some would turned out OK.

Jay Chou has not visited Malaysia since the premiere of his Chinese New Year movie "Kung Fu Dunk" in early February 2008, while Lin Chi Ling's last appearance in Malaysia was to promote John Woo's epic "Red Cliff" in July 2008.

The launch of the THE TREASURE HUNTER was NOT spectacular at all. All I can see was SMOKE as if the stage was burning!

The smoke came from the "treasure chest" which was opened to mark the launch of he movie in Malaysia.

Very lame compared to the exciting kung-fu display for Bodyguards and Assassins last week. I took this pic after the even when the crowd had dispersed.

Bloody guy with the purple cap. I wished I could give him a punch for ruining most of my shots! He was practically blocking my view of Jay Chou! Ci-toot!

Fantastic singer/ songwriter but a so-so actor only. :)

Here came the purple cap again! Shiz!

I probably won't be watching this movie in the cinema as there were many good ones coming like Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and Princess & The Frog. The story just doesn't appeal to me. It sounds very Indiana Jones-ish and reminds me of Michelle Yeoh's The Touch.

Check out the video below for the screaming Jay Chou fans. :)


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