Saturday, December 12, 2009

Larian Rakyat @ i-City, Shah Alam (Part 2 of 2)

What? Larian Rakyat

Where? i-City, Shah Alam

When? 11 Dec 2009 (Friday)

Why? To celebrate the 64th Birthday of DYMM Sultan Selangor

How far? 10K & 7K

You have seen the video, now the photos....

I tagged along with Ronnie See and Kei Meng. The race was held in a new area called i-City in Shah Alam. We got lost even we followed the direction in the map provided in the registration form.

The funny thing was, when we asked some traffic police officers for direction, they told us that they were looking for the place too! LOL!

Anyway, we managed to find the start area in time for the race on that glorious morning....

Volunteers getting ready a huge banner of the DYMM Sultan Selangor birthday wish for photography session.

Brass band playing marching songs....

Top 20 medals.

Angels with crooked halos? :P Nah..They were the i-City mascots. The "halo" on the head is the dot on the "i" in i-City.

Chief Minister of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Elizabeth Wong and Teresa Kok were there for the flag off.

Daulat Tuanku!

3.2.1...Blast Off

Arrow going the wrong way? ;)

After the flag off, the politicians posed with antique cars...

Here ae some random photos of participants and also friends during the run.

I used the "portrait-soft" shooting mode in my camera. So, the focus might not be tack sharp but you will see the "glisten-in-the-sun" rather than "sweating-like-a-pig" effects in the photos. :)

Like father, like son. Aiman and his Aiman junior.

Elizabeth Wong drawing some lucky numbers from the box.

Selangor Tourism BOLEH!

To see MORE photos of Larian Rakyat, please click the below link to my photo albums.

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