Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Trip To Magick River, KKB

What? A trip to Magick River, a night stay at Bamboo Palace.

Where? Kampung Pertak, Kuala Kubu Baru.

When? 14-15 Dec 2009

Who? Fellow photography enthusiasts - Debbie, CK, Alex and Eric.

When Debbie proposed a trip to the river of Kuala Kubu Baru (KKB), I was the first one to say yes. Being a kampung boy, I always enjoy the nature. But the opportunity like this doesn't come often in the city where I called home now.

We left Rawang after class on Monday. The journey was about an hour or so. We stopped by a KKB town to pick up some foodstuff - bread, eggs, milk, coffee, noodles and bananas.

The place that we were heading was called Magick River. It is located in Kampung Pertak, an Orang Asli settlement along the road leading to Fraser's Hill. We would be staying at Debbie's friend, Antares' place.

With a small fee, we get to call Bamboo Palace our "home" for the night. It's a Orang Asli shack built behind Antares house. Very basic, complete with flushable toilet, gas stove, electric fan, DVD player. Very basic, right?. LOL!

The kitchen is located below the living area. We had to be careful not to walk above the ktchen when food was being prepared. Otherwise, we might find some surprises in our Maggi soup.

It's a fantastic place to chill out, very airy and comes with mountain view. :)

I love the hammock. I could sleep all afternoon there but then, why sleep away when the Magick River was waiting? :)

The weather was kind to us. I couldn't imagine if the sky decided to rain....Or roof was made of woven Attap leaves...

The trap door into Bamboo Palace.

Our breakfast - Cook with love. Thanks Debbie for this delicious and filling French toast. Everybody was helping out.

Meet Prudence. My unofficial welcome party, bodyguard and tourguide to Magick River.

Here's the Magick River....Believed to be a spiritual river by Antares and the Temuan Orang Asli tribe.

Yup....in some area the rocks were flat enough to sleep on. (Insert Zzzzz here)

Perfect for a cool dip in a hot afternoon.

There are several spots along the river for picnic. Find your own spot and be one with nature. :)

I could hear the water flowing by looking at this photo. I miss Magick River! :)

My two "tourguide and bodyguard" - Prudence (white) and Roger. :) They are unbelievable sweet and frinedly.

An early morning walk along the river. Surrounded by the loveliness of greens and fresh cool air.

This is Antares, the gatekeeper of Bamboo Palace and Magick River. :)

Check out Antares' blog HERE.

This is not an itsy bitsy spider. :)


More butterfly.

You know I love butterfly...Heheh! They can be difficult to photograph. But with a little patient and lots of sun block, the results can be astounding.

Listen to the river....your trouble would just float away like the debris in the river.

Many dragonfly species called this river their habitat.

This is the restaurant we dined in. Great food but service on the slow side.

I absent-mindedly dropped by Adidas pouch (with RM50 in it) on the floor on the first night.

Thank God, it was returned to me on our second visit on the next day without a single sen less in it. (Insert major relief here)

Yummy fish dish.

You have seen the photos and now, do check out the video. The river is amazing! One of the places I don't mind visiting again and again.

Background song by Antares. He sang a song by Cream called Badge when we dropped by his house before leaving the Bamboo Palace. He was no feeling well that day and tried singing to bring up the positive energy.

I actually asked him if I could post the video on YouTube but I was denied for the reason he was not having his best hair day. I understand. I did get permission to put it as background music for my video. :D

Antares rocks!


Note: I got to know that Antares is hospitalised for Malaria a couple of days ago. Let's all pray for him to get well soon.

Source: http://niamah.blogspot.com/2009/12/antares.html

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